The Patience to Wait

Early on in this pandemic, there were moments where Mike and I thought that we could lose everything – for real – our business, our house, our way of life, our livelihood.

Something about what we’ve all been going through this year has really made me take stock of the few things in life that are truly most important to me and I think it is the most wonderful gift.

Going through the ‘worst case scenario’ exercise was the biggest blessing to me because it made me realize that the only thing that matters in this life is the health, safety, and happiness of my family. Everything else can be replaced, rebuilt, and reimagined – just like so many other people have before.

I shared earlier about my Oma – who lived through WWII in Austria, how she provided so much perspective to me on ‘this not being hard’ compared to what she has already lived through – going to the basement when the air raid signal went off, waiting for spring to come because then they’d have enough food to eat, not knowing if her father would return from war, etc…

Oma told me that experience helped give her the ‘patience to wait.’

While this experience is not nearly as intense, I hope that it does shape me as a person and when life returns to normal and I am in the grind of life, that I can remember the things that are truly important – the health and safety of my family.

So – I’m asking you to hold me accountable – if you see me veering off track, getting caught up in this or that – please remind me. <3

How do you hope this experience will shape you as a person?

Lots of love,

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