Why Your Brain Has Its Own Agenda

You can thank your brain for protecting your multi-millennia old human ancestors, but you’ve gotta get it in check for the world we exist in today.

Your reptilian brain is the best liar. Designed for seeking pleasure and rest. For avoiding change and doing scary things.

You see… it’s not your brain’s fault that it’s a chronic liar.

It’s just doing what it’s supposed to do – to keep you safe.

Unfortunately, it hasn’t quite realized that no animal is looking to eat you as its prey on a daily basis.

Or that food is no longer in scarcity.

So, it keeps doing its job.

One that served our ancestors well but not so much the modern human.

And it lies to you. A LOT.

It tells you that changing is terrifying, life-threatening even. So, you obviously shouldn’t do that.

It tells you to live for pleasure – rest, good food, fun, and not to distress yourself with uncomfortable things like exercise.

The next time your brain pipes up and makes you feel resistance or fear to something you know you need to do, just remember what’s actually happening.

Start seeing yourself almost as a separate entity from your brain.

Because your brain truly has its own agenda separate from yours.

Crazy, right!?

Let me know how this sits with you, my friend. Are there ways that your reptilian brain is holding you back?

You might even be feeling a little like your mind is blown – and that’s to be expected.

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