5 Tips to Make Healthy Eating Super Easy

The biggest obstacle we hear from the people we coach is that they “just don’t have time to cook.” People are SO busy today with work, families, managing a house, and the million other things that come up.

So it’s too often that they find themselves grabbing food for convenience – food that not only doesn’t serve their bodies but that also ends up negatively impacting the family and their waistlines. This leads to further guilt and a vicious cycle begins.

Check out these strategies for healthy, fast, and convenient meals:

1. Pre-cook proteins, pre-wash and chop veggies. You can do this 1-2 times a week depending on time. I’m a fan of the Sunday Ritual, where you prep and portion for the entire week. How to do this: Simply grill or bake enough protein to sustain dinner each week. You can prep the veggies to be prepared on the spot in the evening before dinner or in advance like the protein. Heck, throw it all on the grill!

2. Purchase pre-chopped veggies. If to the first point you were thinking…”Yeah, but the part I HATE is washing and chopping!” Pretty much every grocery store sells vegetables that are ready to throw in a pan, in the oven, or on a grill. It’ll typically cost you a little bit more, but it’s worth it if this is what it takes to make the right choice.

3. The 10 minute, minimal effort meal. This is one of my favorite strategies! Find a meal that you and your family LOVE that takes no time at all. For us – this is pan seared salmon with whatever veggies we have on hand. To make: get your pan really hot, add olive oil, pat salmon dry with paper towel and season with salt and pepper. Throw the salmon on the pan – it will sizzle – let it cook for a few minutes until you can see the sear up ¼ of the salmon then flip. Cook to desired doneness – about 2 minutes for us. Take the salmon out of the pan and throw in chopped veggies (usually broccoli for us). Season with salt and pepper and another drizzle of olive oil and saute for a few minutes. Plate and amaze everyone!

4. Crock Pot meals. It doesn’t get much easier than throwing a bunch of ingredients in a crock pot in the morning then coming home to a fully prepared meal (and a house that smells awesome). Also requires minimal clean up! This is definitely easy to make in large portions, so you’ve got leftovers!

5. Healthy take-out. This is easier to find than you think. I love Asian restaurants for this because you can almost always find grilled protein and order it with a side of vegetables. You’ll typically be able to get a few servings out of it too, so you’ve got lunch for the next day!

I hope these strategies will help you stay on point this season. Tell me… what are your favorite strategies to feed yourself and your family well?

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