Gut Health and Weight Loss

Scientists have only been studying the role of the gut microbiome on weight loss for a few years, but so far, the results are pretty amazing:

1) People whose weight falls in the “obese” category have different microbiome profiles than people whose weight is in the “normal” category.
2) It appears some healthy bacteria (probiotics) might actually cut back on how much fat your body absorbs.
3) Also, probiotics can play a role in your hunger hormones, making you feel less hungry.
4) Other studies show some bacteria in the Lactobacillus family (especially Lactobacillus gasseri) help with fat loss and maybe even prevent weight gain.

So… what does this all mean?

Adopting habits that support a healthy gut also appears to support a healthy weight! This includes getting enough sleep, eating gut-friendly foods, exercising regularly, and cutting back on stress.

It’s all about creating balance and living a healthy lifestyle!

We outline all of this AND MORE in our new Gut Health Guide. This new guide highlights (among other things) the importance of:

Probiotics – the good bacteria in your gut & replenishing them, and
Prebiotics – foods you can eat to keep those probiotics healthy and in balance.

We also include a bunch of our favorite recipes for gut health.

Click here to download your FREE copy of the guide.

Hope you love it!

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