What is Hiding in Your Food?

Do you know the best way to read a nutrition facts label? Do you know what’s really in your food, and what ingredients may be hiding?

People have told us that one of the things that most surprised them is that we recommend checking out the ingredients first- not the fats, not the calories, not the carbs.

This is because, first and foremost, it’s the actual FOOD in your food that matters!

If you see a bunch of preservatives or processed ingredients on the label, chances are pretty good that you don’t want to be putting that in your body, and that it belongs back on the shelf. For instance, did you know that there are at least 60 different names for sugar?! Check them out here:

Pretty sneaky. Check out our new Food Label Guide for some of the most common names that sugar hides under. Not only that, but less-than-healthy fats also masquerade under a variety of names.

(Tip: if you see the word “hydrogenated” in the ingredients list, put the food right back on the shelf! This means it contains trans fats. These fats can affect your blood sugar, cholesterol, and increase inflammation, as well as being linked to heart disease.)

That’s just one reason we are a firm believers in eating foods that are minimally processed in their most natural state.

This gives you SO much more control over the quality of food you’re eating!

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Fresher, whole foods just TASTE better… and are so much more nutritious.

When you feed your body the fuel it loves, it pays you back with increased energy and by feeling great!

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