How to Beat Stress

Stress is something we all deal with, but did you know that it could be hurting you more than you realize? We designed this ebook called UNPLUG so that you can learn more about chronic stress and how to beat it!

When you understand exactly how stress impacts your system, it can help spur you to take action to find ways to “unplug” and manage it more effectively.

Here’s why it matters: Stress does a real number on your system right down to the hormonal level. It can impact your sleep and your appetite, lead to chronic pain, and it can even contribute to diseases like diabetes and hypertension (and all the problems associated with them). That’s not even getting into the emotional/relationship issues it can cause!

Your body has built-in tools to help you manage stress, and this guide will teach you how you can tap into them.

We have even included three special breathing techniques that could change EVERYTHING for you.  One of them is called “box breathing” and it’s something Navy SEALS use to help lower their own stress levels.

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Hope you find it helpful!

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