Success is a Series of Small Victories – #ShelleysStory

In order to set yourself up for success to achieve a major life goal, you need to set up smaller goals along the way. These small victories add up and over time will help you reach your big goal. For the month of April, we asked Shelley and Matt to tell us about their small victories since they have started with us. We wanted to know what has changed, what they’ve been noticing about themselves, and how they have been feeling since embarking on their health and wellness journey.

Here are Shelley’s small victories:

September of last year, my journey of small victories began. Simply putting a foot in front of the other and committing to a lifestyle change was really my first step. From there, I built frequent goals to hit including exercise type, frequency, eating, sleep and weight loss. The later goal was my best motivator.

Right off, I cut sugar out of my diet. Friends of mine had adopted a keto lifestyle – a very low carb, high fat diet. It took awhile to get accustomed to no bread, no pasta, no rice – all of my favorites. I started walking on my own and bit, then tried a few local gyms.

I joined Wilcox in November and immediately loved the environment. I struggled through the first workouts but saw myself getting stronger and more confident. And, mixed with this regular exercise schedule, I hit my first goal and lost 20 pounds by Thanksgiving.

In December, I bought new clothes and started a Stitch Fix membership where you plug in your sizes and design preferences and each month a custom styled shipment of a fancy outfit arrived. (Since that time, I’ve had to change my size preference 3 times and each time I receive a package – the clothes are smaller and fit better.)

By Christmas I had lost 30 pounds. I felt stronger and more confident at the gym. My routine was solid and my weights were heavier. I stopped taking my prescription heartburn medication! For my next goal, I purchased a dress for a January work dinner that was a little snug.

January started and my husband started eating a low carb diet with me, which helped with meal planning. We started experimenting with different ingredients and banned sweets from the house. We both experienced off-scale victories together as our clothes fit better. I even wore my shirt tucked in! (I know that this is not a big deal for most people, but it is to me!). Plus my dress that I purchased in December for my work dinner fit like a charm!

In February, I decided to switch things up at the gym. Since I now slept better at night, I felt that I can start my workout day earlier. I signed up for 6AM and 7AM sessions where I can get in, work hard and then go about my workday. This was a big change, as I never had been a morning person! I’ve since continued a mix of early and later classes.

By then I was down 40 pounds and I was on to my next goal!

Planning for a Gala happening in April, I joined a group of women at The Henrys in February to shop for a dressy gown. In the past, I was very nervous about an event like this and I found that I couldn’t really shop off the rack. I was very pleasantly surprised that I could try on 8-10 dresses that I really loved! In the end, I picked a very bright color that was a little tight

March brought more personal victories. In the Strength Training sessions, I now picked up the heavier weights and pushed myself through more reps and different angles. I bought some new spring clothes and “shopped my attic” for clothes that I haven’t worn in 5 years! I even bought something that I always wanted to own but couldn’t fit in – tall boots! I was so excited.

I’m proud of my small victories, they really do count!  Each one brings me closer to my ideal self.

Here I am in April, nearly 50 pounds down! And yes, it is a bathroom selfie.



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