Recipes to make you love your slowcooker

Oh, how I love my SlowCooker, let me count the ways…  

SlowCooker meals are a snap to prepare, the flavors come together so nicely in the pot, and dinner is ready when you walk in the door.

What I love most about slow cooker meals is how little time they take to prepare. Not only that, but you can make them in larger quantities so you can enjoy leftovers. I am all about amazing food with minimal effort.

As an added bonus, slowcooker meals often stretch a buck so you can save on your grocery bill. Time savings, healthy delicious recipes, and cost savings – it’s a win all around!  Boom.

True confession time… I didn’t always love slowcooker meals. To me, they used to all taste the same and left me feeling bloated and exhausted… thank you cream of mushroom soup and packaged onion soup mix.  

Also – I love to cook! I felt like the slow cooker took the ‘fun’ out of cooking for me.

I recently became a mother of two – I am currently on maternity leave with my new baby girl and I have a 3 year old boy.

We all still need to eat and the slowcooker seemed like the perfect solution.  

So I set out on a mission to find the best, healthiest, and quickest slowcooker meals possible.  

In our community at Wilcox Wellness & Fitness we have some amazing cooks who also love healthy food so I reached out to them for all of their favorite recipes.  

There are some serious winners here!

We compiled a SlowCooker Cookbook with all of our favorite recipes.  You can download it here.

And let me tell you – I have been very happy with the results.

Even the 3-year-old is eating these meals.

Here is what I have learned in the process:

The more vegetables the better. Just throw them all in there! Whatever you have on hand – whatever you are feeling. If your veggies are looking a little ‘sad’ their flavors will perk right up in your slow cooker.

No peeking! Seriously… keep the lid shut. You don’t need to stir the pot or do any checking.  Trust in your SlowCooker. Everytime you open the lid, you are losing all of the heat and your quick check can add a lot of time to the cooking of your meal.

Know your conversions. Slow cookers are pretty forgiving and if your recipe called to be cooked on low for 8 hours but it’s noon and you haven’t gotten into the kitchen yet… no problem – you can cook that meal on high for x hours. Here is a handy dandy conversion chart for you:

Thank you Crock Pot Ladies!

Layer Smart: I like to get creative with my kitchen creation. Often I cook without a recipe or just use a recipe for inspiration and cooking guidelines. With slow cooking, it’s important to know the order your ingredients go in the pot. Here is another great chart to help with that:

Thanks Oprah!

Experiment, have fun, and enjoy your time in the kitchen. Also, be sure to download our favorite slow cooker recipes here.



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