Fighting through your fears

One of the biggest challenges that face people who want to start a fitness program is insecurity. And who could blame them based on some of the stereotypical thoughts when it comes to what goes on at a fitness facility – super fit people, trainers yelling, and everybody will be watching me – to name a few. I’m sure you have plenty of your own stereotypes.

Fighting through our fears is one of the biggest challenges in life. Whether it’s speaking in front of people, having a tough conversation, confronting a loved one, accepting a challenge, or joining a fitness program – when we fight through these fears, there is greatness on the other side.  Can you think of a time when you overcame one of your fears and how you felt after?  I imagine it was amazing and you couldn’t believe you actually did it and you were successful!

One of the best things my wife and I have ever done was to make the decision to leave our super comfortable careers to open Wilcox Wellness & Fitness. You can imagine the anxiety that goes along with starting a new business, the fear is enormous.  By overcoming the fear and going for it, we have met an incredible amount of amazing people, employ 5 amazing teammates, work together as husband and wife, and impact a community we love so much.  Those are just a few of the life-changing gifts we have received by overcoming our fears.

When you think about the gifts that could come from beginning an exercise and nutrition program and sticking to it for a lifetime, what comes to mind?  Feelings of strength, confidence, happiness, pride, and self-awareness become a daily occurrence  Better relationships with family, friends, and coworkers enrich your life.  Activities become FUN, yes, FUN!  (You will even enjoy the fact that shoveling is so much easier.)  

Fighting through your fears and finding an exercise and nutrition program will impact you more than you can ever imagine – ask someone who has fought through their fears, I bet they will tell you about gifts that impact them each and every day.

If you’d like to learn how we can help you fight through your fears and have more amazing daily gifts in your life, schedule a consultation now. You will never regret overcoming your fear.

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This blog, Inspire Healthy Living is focused on actionable strategies for healthy living that are going to make a major impact on your life. I will be working with our trainer team to cover a broad range of health and fitness topics that can be easily integrated into your daily life. At Wilcox Wellness & Fitness, we are passionate about helping people live their very best life and we believe that the foundation for your best life starts with a commitment to healthy living.