Snapshot: What a personal trainer eats in a day

So many people ask what our senior trainer eats in a day. Katie is an amazing athlete and person. So far this year, Katie has run over 1,300 miles – for fun!  She is a four-time IronMan athlete and has run the Boston Marathon. Above anything else, Katie loves helping other people fall in love with fitness. She is often seen nibbling on healthy snacks here and there between her training sessions.

This is from Katie – what she eats in a day.

Being a personal trainer, I am on my feet all day and am constantly in-between clients trying to scarf some food down!  At work, I know that I get one chance to show people that working out can be the best part of their day so I constantly need to be ON POINT.

A lot of people have been asking lately what I eat in a day with my busy schedule. The key for me is to prepare and plan my meals and snacks so that I can nourish myself throughout the day.

4:30 am // Wake up call!

4:35 am // I drink 16 oz of water.  

5:00 am // Overnight oats – this is filled with healthy carbs and protein. This keeps me going and energized until my mid-morning snack!  Check out our recipe here:

8:00am // Apple with peanut butter

I also make small snacks that I can eat if I am busy in-between clients so I always have SOMETHING to nosh on. Grapes or some sort of nuts.

11:30 am // Berries/Watermelon

1:00 pm // Lunch is a salad loaded with veggies, avocado, and chicken or tuna. The protein gives me fuel and energy.

4:30 pm // Rx bar – very filling and satisfying – also made from whole foods with very few ingredients

7:30 pm // Steak and sweet potato with onions and peppers.

8:30 pm// Popcorn- either Boom chica pop or Skinny pop

I have popcorn EVERY NIGHT. It satisfies my sweet tooth and has healthy carbs in it!  

Everyday: a gallon of water and 12oz of green tea or Kombucha!

There you have it – what our senior trainer, Katie eats in a day.  Katie eats very well so that she can perform at her best both in life and in her athletic pursuits.  She follows our Habits for Massive Impact in terms of nutrition.  Here they are:

It is also important to note that as long as you are on point following these guidelines 80% of the time the other 20% of the time you can really enjoy yourself and indulge in your favorite foods and activities.  


Paige & Katie

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