There is a season for everything in life

Things totally change when you become a parent. All of that free time that you used to have to go for long walks with your partner – GONE. All of that time that you had to research, shop for, and prepare blow your mind fresh delicious foods – GONE. The days of jumping in the car on a moment’s notice to do anything – GONE.

HERE are the days of unbelievable love and joy with your new baby. HERE are the days of standing up at your kitchen island eating whatever scraps may be kicking around the house. HERE are the days of getting grocery shopping in for healthy things, only to throw all of those crazy expensive fruits and veggies away 5 days later because you never had the time or made the time to prep them, cook them, and eat them. HERE are the days of total exhaustion and being overwhelmed that this baby is 100% reliant on you for everything.

And yes, I am speaking from personal experience as someone that went through all this 3 years ago with my first baby, Hazen. Writing this today – I am 7 months pregnant and will be in the newborn (struggling with the right word here – bliss zone, black hole, snuggle zone where you lose all limbs and abilities to make decisions – you fill in the blank) phase in about 2 months – Christmas Day is our due date.

There is a season in life for everything. There is a season for total independence. There is a season for total dependence. There is a season for being super fit. There is a season for being on point with nutrition and exercise. There is a season for getting by and doing your very best even if that means mac and cheese for breakfast for the 3rd day in a row because making it through the night / day with 45 minutes of sleep every 2 hours is what you have been getting for the last 4 weeks and everything else feels like it is falling apart.

Can’t wait to be back in the newborn bliss zone!

There are seasons in our life where nutrition and exercise are not the priority. The key is to recognize that these are seasons to our life, and even though winter feels like it will last forever – spring is coming!

These seasons can not last forever and once we feel like we are getting it together – stringing 3 or 4 hours of sleep together at once, we can slowly start reintroducing healthy habits back into our lifestyle.

Because – we can’t let this season last forever. It is not who we are. It is not who we want to be.

We want to be the very best versions of ourselves. We want to live our life with vibrancy. We want to be the life of the party! We want our kids to be excited to play with us. We want to be excited to play with our kids! We want to live our life without any limitations. We want to come home from work at the end of the day and have more to give our family – instead of just melting into the couch.

Just like me, Emily Stanley wanted more. Being a stay at home mom she was 100% committed to being there for her daughter and just like everyone else, her health and happiness took a backseat to everyone else’s health and happiness.

Emily rode the fence on joining our KickStart Program – unsure if she had the time, unsure if she was ready, and unsure if she had the mojo to get it done.

We are so happy Emily joined us. This is Emily’s Story:

If you can relate to this story, I would love to have the opportunity to connect with you. Our KickStart Program is designed to help you form healthy habits that you can sustain for a lifetime. The program provides intensive support in helping you get over the initial resistance of starting a fitness and nutrition program and gives you the momentum to keep you going.

If you are in ‘one of those dark seasons’ of your life – I see you and I also see the light at the end of the tunnel. Let’s connect once you are ready!

Much Love,

Paige Wilcox

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