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Yesterday, my husband, Mike and I had the opportunity to go on Good Morning Maine to chat with the hosts about setting goals and sticking to them in the new year. We had an absolute blast being in the studio with Blake Lipton and Alexa Farrell.  The two are great hosts and made us feel very comfortable.  We tell our clients to do something each day that pushes them outside their comfort zone – that is where all growth comes from.  Being on live television is WAY outside my comfort zone – check and check.  You know what – I was very nervous leading up to the interview and when the cameras spun around to me I felt my heart rate increase, my throat get dry, and I think I forgot my name for a few seconds…  As soon as we got started – I got into the groove and felt great when it was all over.


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We were talking about new years resolutions as a lot of people set health and fitness goals for the new year.  The hosts asked us what the critical factors are in achieving health and fitness goals.  From my blog post a few weeks ago, you all know that only 8% of people who set their goals for the new year achieve them.

We talked with the hosts about the concept of starting with WHY.  If you are setting a goal of weight loss for the new year – think about WHY that is important to you. People should not care about the number on the scale.  What is important to them is the way that they are feeling and what it means if they lost the weight.  Another way of looking at this is filling in the blank, I want to X, so I can….  For most people their ‘so I can’ is going to be centered around having the energy, confidence, and stamina to do all of the things in life that they want to do.  This may be hiking, biking, skiing, going on family adventures, and feeling limitless or feeling great in their skin and exuding confidence when they enter a room.

so i can...

We have a free goal setting workbook available on our website ( to help you get to the core of your goals.  This is the same goal setting workbook that we have used to help hundreds of our clients first set and then achieve their health and fitness goals.

If your goals are health and fitness related – take a look at our Habits For Massive Impact blog series.  To summarize, here are the simple habits that you can implement today for massive impact in your life:

Habits for Massive Impact

Habits for Massive Impact

If you have set health and fitness goals for 2017 and would like to have support in achieving them, our KickStart Program ( starting February 4th is a program that is designed to help people form healthy habits that they can sustain for a lifetime.  In the program you will train in house 3 times per week with our certified personal trainers and follow our complete whole foods based meal plan.  We have had over 100 participants go through the program and get amazing results.  On average, each participant loses almost 11 inches off their body – the physical results are great but the program is much more than that.  This program is helping people feel better, move better, get off medication, and have a massive positive impact on their life.

It is hard to get started at a gym or in a training facility.  This program is designed to help people get over the initial difficulty of getting started by giving them a massive amount of support and accountability as they are in the process of forming these new healthy habits.

If you are interested in joining our KickStart program – check out our website ( – it has all kinds of information on the program including videos and testimonials from past participants.  The program fills up fast and we only take 30 participants per session and we only run 4 sessions per year.

nervous -

If you are nervous about getting started, you are in good company…  this program is designed for that.  We work with people who want to make massive positive change in their life but haven’t worked out in years, or have never worked out before.  You will never regret getting started focusing on your health and wellness.

Remember – all growth comes at the edge of your comfort zone.

Happy 2017!


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