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Good News!  Most people are not eating enough to give them the energy to get them through their day and we are going to encourage you to eat more (of the right stuff – whole foods only please)!  To maintain energy levels and keep your metabolism burning, it is important for you to be constantly fueled throughout the day.  This means starting your day with a wholesome breakfast within 30 minutes of waking up and then eating every 2-3 hours to keep the fires burning.  This is one of our Habits for Massive Impact – Eat Consistently Throughout the Day.

Habits for Massive Impact
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Eat More – Eat Consistently Throughout the Day
Start Your Day Right
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Turns out your mom was right about at least one thing, breakfast IS the most important meal of the day. Whether you’ve been skipping in an attempt to cut calories or just because you are not hungry yet, it is time to reevaluate those decisions. Countless studies have shown that eating a healthy breakfast (sorry, no donuts!) led to people consuming an overall lower amount of calories throughout the day. This is likely caused by a steadier blood sugar level throughout the day, keeping sugar cravings at bay and preventing late day binges.

A strong start to the morning also starts your metabolism, giving your body more energy and focus to get things done. Studies have shown that people who start their day with a healthy breakfast are more active throughout the day, which decreases the risk of heart disease and diabetes later in life.

When choosing a breakfast, try to find something dense with protein, complex carbohydrates and fiber that will keep you full and energized throughout the morning with slow and steady digestion.  We will have more ideas for breakfast for you in our blog post next week – Start Your Day Right – Habits for Massive Impact.

After breakfast, we want you to start planning for your mid-morning snack.  At Wilcox Wellness & Fitness we encourage a morning and afternoon snack, using the following guidelines to make healthy choices:

  • Snack mindfully: treat each snack as a mini meal by taking one serving and enjoying the flavors
  • Snacks should contain a good balance of protein, fat, and carbohydrates. Although we don’t encourage counting calories, a good guideline is for snacks to be around 150-300 calories
  • Snacks, like any other meal should be based on whole foods, avoiding packaged and processed foods.

Healthful Snack Ideas

  • A smoothie with greens, berries, and Greek yogurt, tofu, or cottage cheese
  • Banana with natural peanut or other nut butter
  • Cottage cheese and an apple (or any other fruit: pineapple, raspberries, orange)
  • Carrots and hummus
  • Dry roasted almonds and a whole fruit

Want to learn more about how you can feel great by following these Habits for Massive Impact?  Download our free QuickStart Guide to get started at home today.  This QuickStart Guide has been used by many of our clients and is proven to increase your energy levels and help you feel great.  This free QuickStart Guide includes the following:

  • A full 7 day healthy meal plan that removes all the guessing and confusion
  • A simple to implement exercise plan to help accelerate your results while you follow our QuickStart Nutrition Plan
  • 18 Delicious whole food based recipes to help you feel satisfied and energized giving you the motivation to continue on
  • Daily encouragement from our trainer team to help you stick to the program

Download the free QuickStart Guide here to get started today:



QuickStart Guide
Download this free QuickStart Guide that has been used by many of our clients and is proven to increase your energy levels and help you feel great.  This free QuickStart Guide includes a full 7 day whole foods based meal plan, a simple to implement exercise plan, 18 delicious whole foods based recipes, and daily encouragement from our trainer team to help you stick with the program.

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